Here is the new autumn collection - the shoes have never been so light, flexible and soft! This ultra modern collection is healthy and comfortable - all toddlers fell in love once they try them - we guarantee that they won't put them off! Faris is made of high-quality materials, the rubber sole is flexible and slip-free. One of their best characteristic is that they are so light, as if you are barefoot! 


Here are more details:


  • great barefoot characteristics - flexible, wide enough, a minimum heel
  • ultra light
  • the insole is made of special material, which has unique properties:
  • breathability - moisture wicking structure 
    • an antibacterial component that fights bacteria and prevents odors
    • anti-slip 
    • excellent flexibility
  • 6 mm rubber sole 


    • Extremely light, Barefoot models
    • Soft and eco-friendly materials
    • Ultra light, thin, anti-slip outsole
    • Designed to fit baby's foot development
    • The best selection at the best prices