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Geometric Objects

Our Story

Wild bugs is a LIFESTYLE.

We created Wild Bugs in order to promote new trends and good practices in child development...In order to find the parents who want to continue their active lifestyle after the birth of their children, but even more fully - together with the little ones. In order to find the mothers that are not afraid of the rain and this is not a reason to stay at home. Even more, they want their babies to poke in the puddles and to see their sparkling eyes… Parents who will be calm that their children are protected from the sun and can spend the whole day running and having fun on the beach… The same adults who have their fulfilled life, but are not afraid to spend a whole day with the baby on the go and to show him all the wonders of the new world.


That is the reason why we have collected products from different manufacturers to make the parents everyday life easier and to help them raise happy children without unnecessary restrictions. All brands are carefully selected - they use high quality materials, modern design and technology in compliance with all ethical and eco-friendly standards for production.

There are "little bugs" in our children - let's set them free!

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