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Naturally made for adventures

Dear friends, it is a pleasure to present you Wild Yarn. It is our own brand for high quality, handmade kids clothes produced in Bulgaria. 

As part of our vison for Wild Bugs we created Wild Yarn to fill our portfolio of high quality apparel for kids and to provide them with the freedom and comfort while they explore the world regardless the weather conditions. 


In Wild Yarn we believe in the sustainable production and that is why our main goal is to sell high quality products. For this reason we are using the best wool from all over the world proudly sewed in Bulgaria. Our vison is to make practical clothes with beautiful design.  For example, we have folding sleeves which will extend while your kid is growing.  


Our favorite fabric is the merino wool, providing warmth and comfort even for the most sensitive baby skin. We found the wool fully compliant with our quality requirements and humanely respect to the whole process before the wool is made.


We are using wool with ZQ certificate. ZQ is  tracing the whole process from the sheep breeding to the final step – the making of the yarn. It is issued for following very strict rules for animal welfare, wool production and fabric production. Some of the restricts include the free rearing of the sheeps, monitoring their health, lack of hunger, thirst and other inconveniences. The place where they are grown must be an ecologically clean area. Wool is produced mulesing free, and then only the best part of it is selected for yarn production. The fabric, in turn, is produced in factories that have all the certifications and implemented systems for high quality in the workplace, which includes fair salaries, good working conditions, achieving a good balance of work and personal life and providing measures to improve health and workers' rest.

More information about ZQ can be found here:


And these are all other important certifications of the fabric we use and which are extremely important for us:

Bluesign System Partner - a global standard for environmental safety in the textile industry.

Guarantee of MAPP efficiency - tested and approved fabric to ensure that the fibers are of the highest quality

International standard for social accountability SA8000 - provides standards for safety and well-being of workers

Certified by OEKO-TEX


We are also proud of the opportunity to choose Bulgaria as a place for the production of our clothes (design, sewing) and that we can provide finished products of such high quality. At the same time, we rely on the convenience and practicality of the design, but also on an easy maintenance.

Currently, our collection includes tops, thermal underwear in two parts - blouses with long sleeves of 100% ZQ Merino, as well as socks, sheepskin blend and cashmere.


You can see more about them at:


We hope that WildYarn will become a favorite part of your children's adventures, and we, the parents, will provide you with the peace of mind of using a quality, practical and beautiful product even for the most sensitive little researchers!

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