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Funktional outerwear – We Care for a greener future​ 

Active children need functional outerwear that are designed for playing outdoor also in rough weather. mikk-line have focus on sustainability, practical details and durable materials. Our high demands and many tests through out the entire production ensures high quality products. The safety has top priority with visible reflectors, detachable hoods and chin protection. mikk-line want a better future for both children and the environment – that is why we designs sustainable outerwear. Read more about our sustainable initiatives below.

We offer Mikk-line boots in Wildbugs: 

Wellies & boots for all weather

Children love to play outside in all kinds of weather. They do not know anything better than jumping in puddles or playing in the snow! In everyday life you need a pair of practical waterproof wellies or boots that suits the changing weather of the season.

1. Thermal boots 

Waterproof thermal boots from mikk-line insulate against the cold and keep the feet warm and dry. They have soft lining with 30% wool. The boots are both light and comfortable, and have a non-slip sole. Thermal boots are only used in the the winter and cannot replace a pair of regular winter boots.


2. Winter boots

Lightweight winter boots with warm lining of 30% wool. The boots have a large opening with velcro closure, so it is easy for the child to take them on and off. The lower part of the boots is completely waterproof – the upper part is water-repellent. The sole is strong and non-slip. A perfect winter classic!

3. Wellies with warm lining

mikk-line has beautiful glitter wellies with warm lining that every girl will love. They have super soft flexible rubber on the outside and a warm thick TEDDY lining on the inside to keep your toes warm. This wellies are perfect during the transition period. The wellies does not have an insulating layer and can therefore NOT replace a warm thermal boot or winter boot on cold winter days.


4. Short wellies

Our wellies with short shaft is designed especially for the little ones. This wellies fits more around the ankle – it makes it easier for small children to keep their balance when they walk. The shaft is short and will not bother the leg when the children are sitting and playing. The wellies have elastic in the sides, which makes it easier to take them on and off.


5. Wellies

Wellies with a higher shaft are still quick and easy for the children to stick in. They are absolutely indispensable in kindergarten, school and leisure when children plays in the rain.

This wellies are made of a super soft flexible natural rubber on the outside, they have a strong non-slip sole , secure reflective details, there is plenty of room for the feet and they have a removable insole.



Dirty wellies can easily be washed on the outside with clean soapy water. Over time, natural white stains can appear – these can be washed away.

If the wellies gets wet on the inside, the best way to dry them is to fill them completely with small crumpled newspaper balls. The balls must be changed several times until the boot is dry.

TIP! You can extend the life of the boots by storing them in a dark and cool place.


It is important that you measure your children’s feet regularly, as small feet grow quickly. The size can change from month to month. In general, children’s boots should be 1 – 1½ cm longer than the foot.

What size?

  • Always count on 1 – 1.5 cm in growth allowance.

  • The size of wellies and boots may vary by a few mm between the different boot types.

Time to change size?

The child’s foot must have room to slide forward when the child walks. Therefore, switch to the next size when there are about 5-7 mm left.

How fast do childrens feet grow?

  • 0-2 years approx. 2 cm per year

  • 2-6 years approx. 1½ cm per year

  • Over 6 years approx. 1 cm per year


How often should the foot be measured?

  • 0-2 years – every 2 months

  • 3-6 years – every 3 months

  • Over 6 years – every 6 months

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